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What We Do

Mayewell Capital focus on:

(1) Together with numerous pharmaceutical companies who have exceptional market access in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, look to directly acquire the regional (APAC) right of off-patent brand-name drugs, newly approved innovative drugs, and generic drugs from Pharma and Biotech for commercialization in the APAC region, or in-license the APAC right of developmental stage drug assets from Pharma and Biotech for parallel clinical development as well as commercialization in the APAC region.

(2) Together with partner companies/investment firms, engage in equity investments in biotechs at Pre-IPO stage for financial return.

(3) Lastly, facilitate the setup of biotechs in the APAC region with goal of clinical development of drug assets and thus value creations aiming towards IPO in the region.

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